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Exclusive: Classified documents unveil Israel’s strategic triumph at sea during Yom Kippur War – Unveiling the untold story

Sailing into Victory: How the Israel Navy Triumphed in the Yom Kippur War

Major Focus: Israel Navy’s key role and victories in the Yom Kippur War
  • The Israel Navy played a crucial role in defending Israel during the Yom Kippur War, according to a recently released document by V-Adm. Benjamin Telem, the commander of the Israel Navy at the time.
  • Telem highlighted the navy’s mission to protect Israel’s peace, rights, and freedoms, and their successful preparations in the maritime theater for the aggressive war initiated by Egypt and Syria.
Why This Matters: Highlighting the significance of the Israel Navy’s achievements
  • The Yom Kippur War, which began on October 6, 1973, caught Israel by surprise and resulted in heavy casualties.
  • The newly released document sheds light on how the Israel Navy quickly achieved maritime supremacy over Syria and Egypt, showcasing their crucial victories at sea.

Israel Navy in action

The Battle of Latakia: Unprecedented Naval Success
  • The Battle of Latakia during the Yom Kippur War marked a significant milestone in naval history, as it witnessed the deployment of sea-to-sea missiles for the first time.
  • The Israel Navy’s missile boats successfully eliminated multiple Syrian vessels, including missile boats, torpedo boats, and a minelayer. Syrian missile attacks were thwarted with anti-missile fire and Israel’s own Gabriel sea-to-sea missiles.
Battle of Bardawil Lake: Ambush and Retreat
  • In another naval battle near Bardawil Lake, Israeli forces ambushed an Egyptian flotilla, which subsequently retreated.
  • Although the Israeli missile boats fired 11 missiles, they failed to hit their target due to launching while giving chase.
What’s Next: Learning, Reflecting, and Future Preparedness
  • V-Adm. Benjamin Telem emphasized the importance of learning from the battle and continuing preparations for future conflicts.
  • The Israel Navy’s painstaking development since 1963, including training regimens, technological advancements, and the establishment of naval commando and demolition teams, contributed significantly to their victories.

“We did not initiate this war, we did not start it, but we will continue and beat the belligerent enemy in every place we engage with it,” declared V-Adm. Telem in the midst of the Yom Kippur War.

The successful outcomes of the Israel Navy during the Yom Kippur War highlight their unwavering commitment to defending Israel’s peace, rights, and freedoms. Their victories, especially in the Battle of Latakia, showcased their exceptional capabilities in sea-to-sea combat, setting historical precedents. The Israel Navy’s ongoing preparations and dedication to learning from past battles ensure their readiness for future conflicts. The Yom Kippur War remains a significant chapter in Israel’s history, reminding us of the sacrifices made and the heroes who secured victory at sea.

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